Paducah Pools & Spas is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best pool chemicals on the market. We carry a large selection of today’s top brands, including BAQUA Spa®, Brilliance® for Spas, Poolife®, BAQUACIL®, and Pristine Blue. Your pool and spa’s health is our number one concern, and we’re confident that the brands we stock will keep your pool operating efficiently and effectively.

Receive a free water analysis with chemical purchase…that’s right FREE! Simply bring in a sample of your pool water to have our experts analyze it and advise you on the best chemicals to balance it out. One of the very most important parts of taking care of your pool or spa is proper chemical balance. It will not only create the most pleasant and beautiful water to enjoy and relax in, but it will also prolong the life of your pool or spa.

Our trained staff are always happy to assist you with all your chemical needs.


With the Poolife® Exclusive Pool Care Collection, it's not just a pool... it's a lifestyle. The poolife® brand offers a full line of premium pool care products and systems that make pool care simple. Get the most out of the swim season by spending less time on pool maintenance. Have a Happy Pool. Happy Life.® with Poolife®.

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The BAQUACIL® Pool Care System is an innovative chlorine-free system that protects your pool against bacteria and algae. Gentle to the skin, eyes, and hair, the BAQUACIL® brand lets you feel secure in knowing you’re not only doing something good for your pool but good for your family, too.

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Spa care simplified, your time multiplied! That’s the advantage of a chlorine-free, bromine-free BaquaSpa® system for your spa care routine. When you add it all up, the results are always the same – water that feels fresh and soft on your skin in mere minutes. Start spending less time on your spa and more time in it with BaquaSpa®!

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Experience brilliantly clear water with less odor and irritation to skin and eyes with the Brilliance® for Spas system. In just 3 easy steps, this bromine-based spa care program produces clean, clear water.

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Pristine Blue

Just follow the maintenance program every 2 weeks. PristineBlue is EPA registered in all 50 states, is NSF 60 Certified, and gentle on equipment. It is compatible with most systems including salt and chlorine. PristineBlue is safe to use on all pool and spa surfaces. To get started, or if you have questions, contact our Customer Service team or check with your nearest PristineBlue authorized dealer. An authorized dealer can analyze your water, recommend products and assist you with all aspects of pool and spa ownership.