Paducah Pools & Spas is proud to offer the Almost Heaven brand of Saunas and can get any type of sauna they offer, including outdoor, indoor or infrared.

Almost Heaven Saunas has been handcrafting beautiful home sauna models for nearly 40 years. Our full product lineup includes our signature outdoor steam barrel sauna and our true-to-tradition indoor steam saunas that demonstrate in every detail our unmatched quality, durability, and value. Almost Heaven Saunas is a U.S. industry leader, supplying custom options to a growing market of individuals who are eager to experience sauna benefits that are typified by personal health, wellness, and relaxation.

Why Choose a Sauna?

Sauna is a process – pure and simple – a sensual pleasure. It is the body’s natural way to cleanse itself through perspiration. The high heat and low humidity create an environment that promotes overall perspiration and the deep cleansing of pores.

The body’s impurities are flushed away (even nicotine from a smoker’s body). The special heat and humidity soothes and relaxes tired muscles, relieves stress, and promotes a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

A Few of the Benefits

  • The warmth and rest provided by the sauna promote better blood circulation.
  • Better blood circulation leads to healthier arteries.
  • Healthier arteries and blood flow help your heart function more efficiently.
  • Weight loss and calorie-burning associated with sauna use can help ease the workload on your heart as well.
  • The endorphin release that comes with sauna use helps to ease your body’s tension and stress levels, also giving your heart a healthy boost.
  • A rested body is a better position to fight disease and the daily stress of life.

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